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Web Design

We provide quality design which is up-to-date with web technologies. All this for an affordable price . We have works that fits the pockets of students to big co-operations. All this we do in a timely manner. We know how important time is to our customers. You cannot beat this anywhere.

Social Media Marketing

We know you are busy with day to day operations, and don’t have the time to manage social media accounts. The key to every business is to make their customer happy and respond to customer feedback whether positive or negative. That’s where we come to play, we build brand name for your business, manage social media accounts, and build relationship with your clients. After we convey your value through social media, and give the customer the attention they need and addressing their concerns we are positive we could grow your revenue.

Graphic Design

The Internet has changed so much ever since it was created. we follow most current design patterns on the web. Our graphic designers and web developers are always studying to catch up with today. We can assure you, that we will work hard to provide you a website that will fit your budget also with a great design that will not sacrifice slow load-speed and crappy content display.

Cloud System

The cloud that wonderful place. More resources at your disposal all at affordable prices. Our team is capable of developing and deploying your web applications for the cloud. If you chose to put all your work in the cloud, we have expert experience with Amazon web services, the go to cloud service for most people. We also provide expert cloud monitoring and security in our cloud service package. For more detail, visit our Expert Advise page.

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Koby Sam

Lead Designer and Programmer

Abdi Mohammed

Lead Marketing and Finance


We are a team of web developers with the heart and satisfaction of a customer in mind. We provide quality work at cost effective rates with out sacrificing load-speed and great content. We can assure you that you will not be disappointed if you chose to work with us. Our experienced web developers will work with you to start a new website or re design an old one to give it a modern touch. All this at a really affordable cost. We are located in the Columbus area, where we provide marketing strategies to local businesses. We will help anybody build a marketing strategy that works for them and also works for their budget. Why wait, contact us now for your free quote.